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Rolleiflex 2.8 with Glass Plate Adaptor 1480, Photo F.W. Stutterheim
Photograph of Ferdi’s Rolleiflex 2.8 F fitted with the Glass Plate Adaptor back and a plate/film holder.
Photo ©2020  F.W. Stutterheim

Practical Accessories

The Rolleiflex factory offered a number of ‘Practical’ Accessories to the Rolleiflex and the Rolleicord. I have quoted the word practical. In my view not all accessories were really practical even at time they were introduced. Nowadays an even greater number is unpractical. Never the less they were beautifully made and some photographers use them just for fun from time to time. A good friend of mine uses the Rolleikin and even the plate adaptor.

Some accessories like the Rolleinars have been described before.

  1. Prism finder
  2. Rolleifix quick release mount
  3. Rolleinar close-up lenses
  4. Filters, mount adaptors, Rolleisoft lenses
  5. 16 or 24 Exposures set for Rolleicords
  6. 16 Exposures set for the Rolleiflex T
  7. Rolleikin 2 for 24×36 mm exposures
  8. Glass plate and sheet film adaptor