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Wide-Angle Rolleiflex, Photo F.W. Stutterheim
Photograph of a Wide-Angle Rolleiflex. Note the large Bayonet IV mounts. The lens hood is a modern one for the Rolleiflex FW but it has a traditional look. The exposure meter is of the un-coupled E-type. The measured exposure value (EV) has to be set to the shutter speed/aperture by the user. In the picture the EV is set between 10 and 11. The setting has not yet been locked, on the right hand wheel the slots are in the crossed, meaning un-locked, position.
Photo ©2020  F.W. Stutterheim

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Welcome to the site. It is a private site about Rolleiflex and Rolleicord 6×6 cm (2¼×2¼ in) TLR cameras. The site is based on the TLR cameras part of Rolleigraphy: Rolleiflex User’s site. Pages of both sites share the same content. The full Rolleigraphy site can be found at and can also be reached through links in the top right corners of all pages.